What is Kassandra?

Kassandra is the first Integrated Decision Support System (IDSS) that facilitates creating, developing and managing  a truly resilient city.

With Kassandra, it will be possible to improve city planning and resource management,  to enhance the natural and built environment and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Why is Kassandra unique?

  • Kassandra is the only multidisciplinary and fully comprehensive IDSS.
  • It is the only one that reaches high levels of geographical accuracy.
  • It is the only IDSS directly linked to accepted Quality-of-Life indexes.
  • It is the only system that allows for the prioritization of prioritizing economic investments in areas where they will have a with the most significant greatest impact on resilience.
  • It is the only IDSS capable of measuring and visualizing positive actions by an individual and, simultaneously, of an entire community.

Who is Kassandra for?

Kassandra is an invaluable tool for all those decision-makers in public authorities and private organizations that aim to improve the urban environment’s resilience.

Management software, applications, and widespread and interconnected sensors will make individual citizens, local authorities, governments, and designers responsible for the fight against climate change in a highly democratic and participatory process.

How does Kassandra work?

Based on Building Information Modelling technology, Kassandra creates a digital twin of the asset  that uses analysis and simulation tools that take a long-term and whole-system view of a historic urban environment.

The analysis of Kassandra is based on twelve main parameters and hundreds of sub-parameters and the inter-relationship between them.

What is Kassandra’s process?

Using an iterative process, Kassandra creates various scenarios until an optimum solution can be identified and the foundations of a truly smart, sustainable and resilient city can be laid, thriving in balance with Nature.

Kassandra can use sensors, actuator flows, and artificial intelligence in its most sophisticated version.

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