Creation and maintenance of green areas


Green areas can be created in every urban and infrastructural sphere.

We believe that green areas are not just a form of ornament but are complementary to an infrastructure; as such, we dedicate to them a careful technical planning and design activity, that must not only consider the soil, climate and morphological factors, but also the anthropization aspects of the areas involved.

Green areas are designed and then realized taking into account the related maintenance factors; therefore, materials and plants are selected with great care and scrupulousness, to optimize the choices that will be unavoidably reflected on future maintenance costs.


  • Installation of plants and street furniture in urban areas
  • Realization of green areas in rest and parking areas
  • Realization of green areas in shopping centers
  • Creation of buffer strips along roads and motorways
  • Anti-glare plant barriers along the median strip and plant dunes
  • Turf laying in urban areas
  • Mechanized grass mowing with shredding of plant residue on site
  • Pruning and felling of trees up to 35 mt high
  • Mechanical pruning and trimming of median strip hedges along motorways
  • Felling and pruning of unstable trees along roads and motorways
  • Milling, fertilization, and chemical weed control