Mar 02 2022

Emergency satellite phones installed on stretch of Highway 93 without cell service

Users of Highway 93, which runs through the rocky mountains of Kooteany National Park, will finally be able to call for help with one of the four new emergency satellite phones scattered along the way if necessary. The area, in fact, is not covered by telephone service and thanks to these new devices the response time will be considerably reduced....

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Feb 24 2022

TELUS partners with Google Cloud and NXN Digital to make Canadian cities safer, greener, and smarter

TELUS Communications is teaming up with Google Cloud and NXN Digital Inc. (NXN International) to create a system of smart, integrated technologies to benefit communities and their residents. With the strength and speed of #TELUS networks, combined with #Google Cluod's data analytics and #NXN Digital's platform, it will improve the lives of citizens by transforming communities into true smart cities. New technological solutions include real-time dynamic traffic alerts that can reduce the impact of emissions, but not only. Other important applications are foreseen for the improvement of individual and public safety...

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