Ecogest Group

Ecogest North America Inc. is a Canadian company incorporated in Toronto (ON) in September 2021.

Ecogest North America Inc. is owned by Ecogest SpA, an Italian company belonging to the Molinari family through its holding company, Greenway Group Srl, headquartered in Italy.

Ecogest SpA is based in the province of Ravenna and has been creating and maintaining green areas and roadside vegetation along roads and highways since 1995.

The Molinari family’s experience in the sector dates back to the spring of 1967.

Ecogest is considered a leading company in the Italian market thanks to the extreme specialization acquired in the mechanical maintenance of green areas along transport networks,  regarding roads and highways.

It ranks among the top 10 European companies in the sector; it has also participated as a subcontractor in  several PPPs in the European market, where it is present with a Romanian subsidiary based in Bucharest.

It has recently gained significant field experience in PolandRomania, and Turkey.

Ecogest directly manages the maintenance of green areas along 11 Italian highway concession companies and in various regions of the country on behalf of the State Roads Company for a total area of over 6,500 km, generating a volume of grass cutting equal to 100,000,000 sq.m./year.

Through the expertise of its shareholders, Ecogest has participated in several  international conferences on environmental sustainability and the impact of climate change oninfrastructures.

In November 2020, the Greenway Group holding company set up the CCSC (Climate Change Study Centre) to scientifically study  the impact of climate change on transport infrastructures by applying computer algorithmsprocessed through specific software to the data collected in the areas under review and then by using implementation and extraordinary maintenance techniques to the existing vegetation along the infrastructures to improve their performance.

In November 2021, the holding company Greenway Group completed its entry, as a minority shareholder, into the highway concession operator Autostrade Lombarde, which in turn controls Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda (A36) and BreBeMi (A35) for a total length of 219 km of highways in the Lombardy region.

Greenway Group, which also owns and controls other operating companies besides Ecogest, is a financial and equity holding company operating in the small-midsize market of companies and concession operators active in the infrastructure and transport sector.