New frontiers for the green maintenance industry

Jun 07 2024

New frontiers for the green maintenance industry

We share an article published in ‘Strade & Autostrade‘ that explores the critical role of innovation in the green maintenance of road and highway infrastructure in a context increasingly marked by climate change.

In recent years, the issue of climate change has evolved from a niche topic to a major global concern. This phenomenon has highlighted the need to adopt a scientific and innovative approach to prevent and mitigate its negative effects on our environment and infrastructure. In this context, Ecogest stands out for its commitment to research and development of advanced solutions through the Climate Change Studies Centre (CCSC), founded in 2020.

Ecogest, led by Valerio Molinari, has transformed the empirical observation of the impact of climate change on infrastructure into a scientific approach aimed at proposing concrete solutions. Through the ‘Eco-Innovation and Environmental Sustainability in Road and Highway Greening Management’ project, Ecogest aims to combine innovative digital technologies with sustainable practices to address climate challenges and improve infrastructure resilience.

The digitisation of green maintenance processes represents a new and essential frontier for the sector.

Ecogest’s ‘Yard 4.0’ project proposes a radical transformation of traditional practices, promoting the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that ensure a more efficient and sustainable management of resources. These technologies allow better data management, faster response to climate change and global interaction between experts in the field.

It is with great satisfaction that we at Ecogest can say that we are redefining the standards of green road maintenance, combining our field experience with technological innovation to build a more sustainable future.

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Source EDI-CEM Srl – ‘Strade & Autostrade’ magazine –¬†

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