Important new partnership for Ecogest North America. The Canadian Skygrid group acquires 30% of the share package.

Jun 20 2023

Important new partnership for Ecogest North America. The Canadian Skygrid group acquires 30% of the share package.

The Canadian SKYGRiD group, a leading company in the construction and building services sector which has transformed the skyline of the GTA and one of the most important and fastest growing in Ontario, has acquired, through a capital increase operation, 30% of the shares of Ecogest North America, the Canadian company, based in Toronto, founded by the Molinari family, and owned by Ecogest Spa.

The partnership operation, the preparation of which has been going on since last October, acquires strategic importance for the future of the Canadian company, not only for the relevance of the partner and its market positioning, but also for the immediate work and development prospects that the agreement guarantees.

Hand in hand with the new corporate structure, the board was implemented and reconstituted, with the Molinari family represented by the founder Valerio, his son Tommaso, who is increasingly the reference point for activities in North America, and Ecogest S.p.A.‘s Director, Michela Nanni; completing the Italian part of the board is Ecogest’s General Manager, Pietro Torchi. As for the Canadian representation, President Jason Pelaccia and Executive Vice President Fernando Tito will sit on the board.

The operation opens up important new prospects for the company, which will be operational in Canada from 2021, both with respect to the infrastructure maintenance market and the rich urban landscaping market, driven by the development of the civil construction sector within which SKYGRiD plays a fundamental role in the urban area of Toronto and the Ontario region.

“We have favoured a partnership operation aimed at development and not speculative, said Valerio Molinari, because the business objective we are pursuing in Canada is not to monetise the work done, but rather to build new and more important job opportunities. We believe that there are all the conditions to build, on the model of what we did in Italy for Ecogest S.p.A., an agile but well-structured company that can adequately compete in the North American market.”

Along the same lines, Jason Pelaccia and Fernando Tito “The choice of our group was to identify consolidated experience and adequate professionalism to develop a segment that we have outsourced to date, but which has enormous growth prospects in Ontario. We have been working for months on this agreement because we wanted to build, together with the Molinari family, the best business tool, suitable for the target market. From the very first approaches, we did not hide our interest also in the rest of the North American market, and in particular the US market, where Ecogest North America has already developed important contacts and relationships”.

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